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1st Winter Storms,

Goooood moorrrrrnnninggg 🥶☕️

Hope this find you our friends safe from harm. As some regions of the country begin to experance the impacts of what I recognize as normal winter weather.

I was have a conversation with a younger new truck business owner. Who has lived his whole life in Florida. I’ve been helping them with business tasks and education and we got to discussing “winter weather and trucking”.

He said he has never driven in snow, “Never?”

There is fairly long list of items that a person may seriously consider keeping in the truck for one’s personal safety.

Enjoy reading Bill Ater sharing one experance not long ago. And please share your experances, AsI like to say to myself.

“What would I do differently?”



“Learn from the mistakes of others, because you can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” Arlington, Texas-based owner-operator Bill Ater first heard that adage from his father, who passed several years ago. He’s since heard it from others, he notes, but he’s put to great use over his 45 years in the trucking business, more if you count living vicariously through his parents as a youth.

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