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Am I gong to hit the nail or my thumb?

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My wife Marcia gets credit this morning for reminding us there can be great value gained using the proper tool.

Besides that hammer what other tools are in your tool box.

I have a theory, that solving what seems like three small problems may solve the bigger problem that drains our energy and resources.

As I've gotten older I look back and think what was I thinking? I often did not have the right tools and it wasn't that the right tools weren't available. One valuable tool I lacked was the patience I needed. But when I pulled open the top drawer what popped out was impatience.

We see what we want to see we think of the wonderful things other people have and we want these things too.

Yet we really never know the backstory of what other people have gone through to arrive where they are.

What might be your most valuable tool?

I suggest one of the most valuable low cost tools you can invest in is a "Notebook". Yes, a simple looseleaf book to journal, write down the bullet points. Of what your doing, thinking, planning, spending - the things that might seem little at the moment.

There will be moments sometime in the future when I'll ask your what was I thinking? I know several very successful small truck business owners most are older we have years of notebooks filled with what may look like inconsequential information to the outsider.

But to these owners there are great lessons hidden amongst these historical notes.

Then ask yourself. What would you've done differently?

Happy January 2nd,


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