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Are you on offense are playing defense?

This is no time to panic!

An owner who recently contacted me asking for help made a few interesting comments.

Non more telling than the feeling that the sharks are circling

Are the sharks are circling

Is the business to the point of no return? Without an honest look into what's not in plain sight how can an owner have any oppertunty to make needed change.

Becareful to not make change just for the sake of change 🤔

Write down what you see and feel is going on.

Divide into what's important vs what's urgent.

Urgent Important

Then prioritize in an order that you can take actions and try and make needed adjustments.

It can be difficult to set emotions aside, since you are the creator and most of your business dealings feel personal most of the time.

You are the agent of change !

You may feel like a failure when making changes simply because things didn't end the way you imagined.

But take satisfaction with your willingness to turn about and open up a new playbook and realize everything is open for change.

Phase two

  • Take that list you made and look for the little things that you could knock out.

  • I have a theory that solving 3 small issues provides solutions for a bigger issue.

  • Solving smaller issues also builds and owners confidence, the confidence to face the bigger issue or make call to seek changes.

Confidence to ask service providers like the tax preparers, truck services, insurance companies, or the companies you have contracts with to please explain options or what the information in the contracts mean.

Need help kick starting? Hire the accountability partner to provide the support you need to go forward.



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