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Discipline is hard

Good morning folks ☕️

I received calls from several of the truck owners who utilize my assistance and the "Simple Truck Sheets" record keeping I have available. Calls this past week that indicated to me that together we are doing somethings right.

These owners called to let me know that their 2022 records were complete and breafly what they were seeing. Their personal business information that will trigger changes if necessary and reinforce the disciplines that have taken hold. That "get-er-done" discipline. These owners felt not only the relief these records completed they were happy to know they could forward their info to the tax preparers office. Just 2 weeks into the new year, Wow!

And they did not stop there. The information feedback in this formate pushes useful info to the truck owners instantly. They want to enter every week their receivables and expenses thus providing P&L and evidence of the outcomes of their decisions for each weeks work.

As a truck business owner, you are your back office staff and it can seem like there's just as much time needed for the things that need doing as the driving day itself.

Hard choices indeed, what's a person to do? It's like a bad riddle Im thinking it's more a question of why we do, what we do, when we have to finally do what needs doing?

Somedays we all need just a little help get the jumpstart needed to reingage our discipline. How can I help you?

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