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Do we learn anything from our history?

The owner-operator’s No. 1 freight negotiations tool — Right of refusal

I am recycling one of my Overdrive Extra Blogs from 2020 when the economy took that dive suddenly triggered by the pandemic shutdowns.

I was reading sone of the history of US recessions also it's quite interesting.

But let's come back to this on a different day.

It's difficult accepting shortages and price increases, these effect everyone.

Just this morning I receive a message from a truck owner sharing another price increase coming for the truck tires we all need to operate safely, and that's not optional.

These cost have to be passed along to the consumer that's not a choice it's a fact.

Not a trucker that’s ok this may help you understand more about why your store shelves may be empty in the coming months.

Truck owners can not lose money and stay in business very long.


Follow this link to learn more.

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