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Everything becomes personal

Sunday morning moment 🙏🏻☕️

I’ve been personally struggling to remain positive. You see I’m a very intuitive, perceiving, feeling personality. 

And when those around me are struggling I feel pain. Ya I know some people may think this is weak, ok fine, but I think it’s important to know who your communicating with and what motivates the people in your community.

Truckers may not live side by side in houses lining a street. But you are a community and much of our strength and montivation does come from or is greatly influenced by your connections and fellowship too other truckers.

This little book “The Power of Positive Thinking” published in 1952, authored by

Norman Vincent Peale, too some people may seem irrelevant.

I believe there are certain basic tenants in our lives that are inherently passed along from generation to generation.

“Heartache” and suffering are real and internal.

You have the power to change for the better but you gotta wanta.

Recognize the source of our life and happiness doesn’t come from the “stuff” we accumulate.

Perhaps a little house cleaning is the prescription needed as well?

Call a family member or friend and just say hello! And go from there.

If we can’t get our minds in good shape the odds of getting of work and business right are very slim.

Peace be with each if you!


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