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Is that a light I see?

Owners are barreling quickly through the tunnel that symbolizes the end of 2022. Is that a light shining towards hope out there ahead of you?

It can be difficult for many to believe that 2023 is going to be anything but a year that's much more than a dumpster fire.

Me, I tend to be more optimistic I don't believe much in following the crowd. And making mistakes is only a part of the process of learning. If your OCD is overactive during times where activating inovation maybe necissary. Your company may become stagnant.

Not everyone is losing money!

A few years ago I shared in an Overdrive article about how not everyone is losing money. As complaints were growing related to the way a retraction in rates was going to be the end of us all.

Over and over throughout the decades people have predicted the end of the truck owner operator and lease operator. Today tech experts sit in offices pouring through analytics and attempt to predict to the minute, it seems when our truck businesses will crash and burn.

I can only assume so, these companies can release their capacity to swoop in and save the customer.

Take off the blinders

As I visit with the owners I provide coaching and have the opportunity to examine their record keeping I can say that their are some very good profits being made. How good, you may wonder? Some One truck owners are going to have a combined payroll and profit between $100,000 and $150,000 for 2022.

What is the differance between these owners and the owners struggling to stay in business?

  • The amount of money they spend at home. This it appears is the number one difference.

  • It's not the truck payment

  • It's not the age of the truck

  • It's not how many miles driven

  • It's not how many years in business

What is it these owners do differently?

  • They have a realistic plan

  • They know their cost!

  • They don't haul loads only for fuel

  • They don't let deadhead prevent them from going to pickup a profitable load

  • They tend to drive slower speeds and fewer miles

  • They enjoy time off, often at home

  • They don't hesitate to repair their equipment

  • They are good communicators

  • They are not afraid to decline a load.

  • They pay taxes because they are profitable

These owners are good communicators with the customers and their customers know who the truck owner is. And utilize the golden rule; treat others as you wish to be treated.

If your business is missing something? And your not sure what?

Take a chance hire that second set of eyes that could help you face the things that need changing and be an accountability partner.

Merry Christmas


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