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Is today the finish line or the starting line?

As the last 12 hours wind down on the year 2022. Each of us I believe has some natural tendency to review last year. We go into the new year with lots of emotions with hopes of a renewed sense of optimism.

Will tell ourselves the stories we want to hear over and over until the story makes us look as good as possible when we share it with others.

The things in 2022 that didn't go well for us? Well let's just say these were not our fault. When we win, we make ourselves the hero within our story.

I am realistic enough to know that for the next couple of months, every small business owner is going to be administrative duties, bookkeeping, recordkeeping, filing taxes, and the list goes on and on. Dealing with the finish line can distract us from the starting lineup for 2023.

Is there anyway to improve where will be in the next three months/the end of the first-quarter.

Will you still be trying to play catch-up, except now we're trying to catch up January, February, and March responsibilities.

Here's a suggestion for you to consider:

• Start with your list of the duties you had to finish the year cleaning up.

• Narrow these down by prioritizing with two lists.

• One list will be the things that are important • The second last you'll make over the things you need to do that are urgent.

Then on a calendar you can hang on the wall or place in the front of your daily journal. Put a date on these define a finish line.

Sometimes it my best to tackle the most uncomfortable things first thing in the morning. Set an alarm in your calendar and define how long you'll spend on the problem. Define finish line.

Just some morning thoughts I wanted to share.

Maybe this is my 2022 finish line?

Happy new year,


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