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Is trucking missing out on training through interpersonal simulation?

Challenging how we've always done things is often perceived as unnecessary or even risky.

Why spend money on something that may not happen?

I was reading an article in Overdrive about dealing with "Roadside Inspections" see the link below the read the whole story.

Today as I was sitting in a bed once again in the ISU College of Nursing Simulation Lab acting out being a dementia patient roll, helping instructors and students practice in a safe environment.

Knowing this is a safe place is important for training

I suggest to companies condider the value of.

Simulation inspection training with drivers this could really help everyone with managing these compliance responsibilities.

And how to interact with not only the inspection officers but also your companies staff and compliance and even a repair service that may be needed.

Learning through mistakes made in this safe place builds trust between your drivers, contractors and office staff.

How much could your company lower expenses with preventing even one violation or when a driver/contractor is confident on what to expect and how to react.

Maybe more importantly how not to act during an inspection?

If your company would be interested in discussing the potental ways live simulation may be developed? Contact me to explore the possibilities through a little of my coaching, Consulting.

Gary Buchs

Truck business coaching consulting

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