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It may be easier to ride the escalator vs climbing the stairs, but is it smarter?

That 1099 isn’t a paycheck!

Good morning ☕️

Understanding money Managment isn’t as easy as the social media or so called motivational speakers like to promote.

We read the short little “memes” and motivational quotes and anticipate our world will change.

The truth is it’s horribly difficult for people to control our “spending”. People buy things to try and make ourselves feel good.

I’ve been there and what I’ve learned is it can be like any addiction. Yet, until a person suffers through the pain stress and discomfort of losing much of what was supposed to provide joy and happiness. And then recognizes non of the “stuff” mattered can a person move forward.

If your not looking out for yourself, who will?

What I’ve observed in this business for decades is an industry that knows how to prey upon desperate individuals who have grown up believing happiness comes from money automatically.

Just look at the media and the ads, it's always about the gross 1099. When this business is good people go wild and behave like “lottery winners”

Why? My theory is it’s because the amount of gross cash that flows through the individuals cash accounts is greater than most people have ever seen. We just have no experience dealing with these money problems.

But how can more money ever be a problem?

The 1099 settlement that can easily be 5-6 times more money than any paycheck ever seen in our lives. Oh and so many people promote the way to get “rich” is to not pay any taxes.

And this is a big problem. Do you recognize that when we were an empoyee the taxes where deducted from every paycheck and every year come April 15th nearly everyone goes wild and is excited about their tax refund. Not even recognizing that this refund is only the over payment of taxes deducted every week from a person's paycheck.

This systematic process trains people in ways completely opposite of how a business owner would better manage their business investing and tax Managment.

Where are we now?

Once again the cycle has become a whirlpool and unprepared owners are circling the drain. And many owners are underwater having quickly transitioned from denial to feeling desperate. As some people’s cash flow is drying up with the spot freight “well” going dry.

This business is a business of extremes and it takes a very disciplined approach in order too survive.

What can owners do now? Learn from the experience it may be an expensive lesson but a very good lesson for your future opportunities st success.

But then we have another problem, how do you define success? I encourage be realistic and ask is your path towards your goals like a set of stair steps before you or like an “Escalator” bypassing the systematic lessons and habits business owners need to learn?

Good day,


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