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Last one standing, is that where we’re headed?

Afternoon thoughts 🤔

It's been a bit since I've written anything more than some comments and responses related to the owner operator business environment.

Every week we are observing the next market prediction based on one end in the extreme option that we've entered the end times, so surrender while your able.

To the predictions that the freight rates have now bottomed. And we were just wrong with that other prediction.

Today is all that counts!

Im going to suggest that for the owner operator move than ever do not let yesterday or tomorrow distract you.

Not that you shouldn't search, call and book loads in the future. Just work at developing tools to assist you in segregating each load rate con.

Build with solid broker relationships

There's been a lotta conversation about owner operators gong around brokers to try and get a direct customer contract. And that's fine if you own a small fleet that is able to cover the customer services necessary even if a truck or driver breaks down or can't continue driving after loaded. But most small owner operators lack this capacity.

Look, the broker doesn't have to be your enemy. Show them through your communication and reliability that you can work in partnership where you can help each other.

Do you sell yourself ?

Does the broker and customer know who you are when you call? Do you even call? I'm finding more owner do not make calls and only use email and resist load tracking or other communication. Why? How will this help you the next time your trying to negoiate for a load and not just any load! I encourage improve your sales skillset.

Avoid the idea that your ability to save your buisiness is waiting and hoping there will be enough owner operator failures vs improving and becoming better and the owner operator they trust and request.

Have you ever ask a customer to request you?


Coaching-up email me

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