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Never say never 🤔

☕️Coffee time,

I love history for many reasons. To me it keeps me grounded in reality yet provides inspiration to improve.

The changes I’ve witnessed from childhood till today like on our farms I watched fields being plowed by horses the 2 Cylinder John Deere and now we have Autonomus farm equipment and yields 5 times greater per acre.

At the truck show in Peoria yesterday visiting with Clark Reed from Nussbaum Transportation a company that is leading the trucking industry as a fleet with new and better technologies.

These new semis achieving mpg greater than the 1968 Chrysler Imperial my wife, Marcia’s family owned.

I want encourage you to be realistic about innovations and the potental. Is everything you see published going to fully mature into reality as you now see it?

Based on history we are always in cycles of innovation. I foresee that many if not most of the equipment and technology will continue to move forward in an evolutionary pattern. Many will fail and be replaced by the next best alternative and the cycle continues to repeat.

This cycle of continuous learn and invention evolution. The cycles are shorter we are faster at responding and adjusting. I see this simply caused by the speed and access to available information.

How to deal with all of this on a day to day basis? I think it all may begin with having an open mind and mindset that perhaps the best thing we can do is learn as much as possible about the people and systems that we think we disagree with.

And question everything we can about not only our competing ideas but also the ideas we think we agree with.

Never say never

Good day


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