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Oh, Boy why so much?

Morning everyone ☕️,

Here are a few yearend reminders:

If you have other suggestions or questions please share.


• Review health insurance and update look at all updates need to be done before January 15th.

• Download save/print logbook

• Call tax preparer ask what changes you need to be aware of

• Review all weekly settlements download save / print

• Reconcile all bank accounts

• Review insurance policies and update values, include your disability , health, life, homeowners, equipment and all vehicles.

Consider contacting other insurance providers for prices.

( be certain to use the same deductible)

• Review warranties

• Prepare to fill out your Balance Sheet (know your networth)

• Review your credit scores. If a Sub S Corp your company may have a score and it is done differently than your personal score.

• Copy or scan register receipts and save, theee fade out and will be lost.

• Record the odometer on all your vehicles truck and personal you will need Business miles you use your personal vehicle for. Suggest you keep a record of the trips in a notebook, there are some apps also.

• If your an independent operating under your own MC #? Review your “Safer scores”

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