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Somedays you just have to start over

Morning thoughts 🤔

We all dream of the perfect out come. Yet truthfully this rarily happens.

Decision paralysis, failure to rethink what we’re doing and how we’re doing it or understanding of how our personal bias influences our behaviors and decisions.

Just a few things that can crush the plans you have for life or possibly that business you wanna build.

In the last few months, several of the owners I’ve been working with seem to be stuck afraid they’re going to make the wrong move. They’re buried paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong decision becoming OCD with trying to that out each and every minor detail.

How might a person overcome this situation?

• Recognize there’s risk in everything every day.

• Be self-aware of your own risk tolerance.

• Write it down - this might help you recognize you don’t want to except.

• Take small steps like climbing a ladder or stairs to begin with, build confidence and your decision making.

• Have an idea how your going to measure your progress as you go - “ how are you gonna keep score?”

• Who’s going to hold you accountable?

• Recognize when the job is done reassess reset to the next project.

Hey, just a few ideas this morning if you’re feeling unable to make decisions, efficiently.

Good day


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