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An ending is just a new begining.

“Failure can have far more influence than success”

What many of you truck owners are going though day to day week after week currently may seem unbearable. A lotta of anger thoughts that you’ve been lied too over and over, hope may be slipping away.

I’m thinking what comes to mind is, I need someone to blame.

This isn’t the end of your story! No matter how bad things may seem no matter if “The End” of this chapter, this week or month ends with a Zero balance left in the money account.

The long lasting influence of quick success.

Here’s a little of my history that may help anyone interested in knowing a little more about what makes me tick.

My 1st 20 plus years of employment & business I was perhaps too lucky. I started several business projects, found a way to manage emerging business needs that really never existed previously.

Work and business just seemed easy earning was easy and business profits were beyond what I had imagined. After all when you’ve got money in the bank accounts and lenders are handing out loans with just a signature it seemed. Why wouldn’t a person feel like nothing could go wrong.

The problem with no money down

Does this remind you of anything? Hint, the lease purchse with no money down perhaps?

I was mentoring a young operator many years ago who signed one of the lease purchase contracts with a major carrier.

I asked how'd the sales person convince you to sign such a contract with $1000 / week deductions?

He said it was easy, they walked him out to the parking lot, say "jump up and sit in the seat. Look around this could all be yours just signed the paperwork. This could be your future!"

He told me His whole life he couldn't even borrow a few hundred dollars to buy a used car. And here was someone willing to handover the keys to $150,000 truck and it would be mine. I saw it as I have nothing to lose, because I had nothing to begin with.

His business failed 1st time around. Then this person took what they learned that didn't work and started planning a new approach.

What this young owner did was develop a whole new business plan. With a better understand of how business ownership works. That gross 1099 received is not profit. Then with the purchase of a $15,000 truck payed it off in 24 months and moved to a company where as the truck owner they could maintain greater control of their decisions. And this 2nd business venture was very successful

Failure slaps us in the face sometimes.

Boy did it turn and quickly and having to face a new reality was not easy. I took me about 5 years to gain back my confidence and just begin the journey to a new self awareness.

Yes failure! It's what saved me.

Most people are probably thinking what the hell am I thinking 🤔.

My experience has taught me how important humility also.

In life and business as time moves forward people have oppertunites too learn, change  and improve more through the process and pain of failure.

When it hurts bad enough we change our behavior but you have to be determined not to repeat harmful habits. Until then we can observe people that want to believe they are right and try to double down on a failing plan. And seek out others who support the story we tell ourself over and over.

Good day folks,


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