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There’s no quick fix

Where to begin isn't as simple as it sounds 🤔

Waking up to greet a new day or awakening to thoughts of the seemingly burdensome problems of yesterday and situations that just followed me though the night. One of the things I've learn is how difficult it is to get back to the starting line.

It's hard enough to admit to ourselves when the business project we've been working on, just isn't turning out the way we imagine. We've pulled a curtain over our own shortcomings & we don't want anyone to see or hear our insecurities.

So, it's not very difficult to realize that when a person gets to the point where they want help.

We often just want to hand the problem off and have someone fix it.

I think It's natural that we want to just move forward often to something that makes us feel good and productive. Rather than tackle the immediate problem in front of us. Who wants to have to go back to the beginning and relive mistakes or even tell a mentor, advisor or coach you've hired to help you.

Engaging in extended conversations often lead to faster "fixes"

It may seem counter intuitive to want to slow down the a problem solving conversation. But what will the person asking & needing assistance learn and retain if you all rush the learning process? When communicating are we able to identify what's urgent or important? Is this a 911 call for help?

"Both parties need self awareness"

Since beginning my journy from being a truck business owner then mentor to coach/consultant I have learned a great deal through trial and error what has the potental to go the right way or turn and reverse course and end badly.

To often the mentee/client quickly begins to see a mentor as a friend, I've learned many people will just call to have someone whom they believe will agree with whatever has happened.

It's tempting to just think I'll solve their problem.

Coaching a truck owner through the learning curve can be a somewhat painful process but a necessary journey. Is there a set timeframe when you should expect to suddenly burst and shout for joy "the problem is solved and will never be seen again." I have slayed the dragon!

Aaaa. Ya, it doesn't work that way. First off if you fix the problem by yourself what did the client truck business owner learn? Oh, other people will be my fixers. And the learning journy has ended.

Be willing to accept it will take time to rehab parts of the foundation.

As the truck owner are you ready to transition from Driver too business owner? I actually have learned this can be one of the hardest things

for people to do.

The bumper sticker I want to leave you with is prepare yourself for the process of change. It all begins with talking for what may be hours about how you got here and talking through ideas and how "you" plan to carry them out.

You are the one constant entity present within the your business.
Which means it all starts with you 🤔

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