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One day at a time

12 Days, Where'd time go?

Every year it seems I face the same reality. Here we are 12 days from the last day of the year. We've got Christmas weekend coming up in only 5 days. Families are stressed about travel, what the heck I'm stressed out about travel, and I've driven millions of miles.

The forecast for weather doesn't look very good for that drive to Wisconsin Christmas Eve. The expectations for the perfect holiday begin to grow or fade depending on a multitude of personal priorities.

Priorities it is difficult for most small business owners to seperate our business from our personal priorities.

I suggest it is a vital skill that truck owners will benefit from learning. Maintaining a balance between business and personal callings adds the value needed in order to live a happier, healthier life.

And truthfully quality of your personal life is what determines the quality and value of your small truck business.

Learn how to award yourself time off. Unplug from your business and enjoy your time with loved ones.

But, how to can I do that? You ask?

  1. Place a Big red X on the days you need not work. Predetermined days off reduces your internal guilt and if by chance a work opportunity pops up? Doing this helps you say "no thank you" I'm not available until (day X)

  2. Arrange to drop your equipment off at the shop you trust to routinely, perform inspections and maintenance on your equipment. Schedule an inspection scheduled to be greased. Maybe oil and filters changed or do any other repairs they may find that need to be completed. So that when you're ready to go back to work, your equipment is in tiptop shape, especially in this winter weather.

  3. Talk to your customers your agents your brokers. Let them know your schedule. Wish them the best and blessings during the Christmas season. Discuss with them your schedule, and when you will be available to provide customer service for their business. In the long run, good businesses you do work with will respect that and respect you that you have your priorities in order.

  4. If needed arrange to drop your trailer so the customer is able to preload their freight. Did you know often at the end every month, quarter and end of year companies are scrambling to move inventory out of warehouses and onto trailers. Identify it as shipped with the bill lading recorded in their books. And often they pay premium for this service.

  5. By talking to the customers agents and brokers about this, there's a very good chance you'll be able to be pre-booked before you even take time off. You'll have the next load right out of the gate after the holidays scheduled and you won't be stressed a bit about taking off time and feeling like you have lost work. Because you haven't lost work it's there. It's waiting for you. It's always been waiting for you. Have confidence that your best customers enjoy working with your business.

Enjoy today and balance out your priorities, have faith things will workout!

Coach Gary

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