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Who do you place your trust in?

Good morning thoughts, ☕️

Who's open for criticism? No one is!

I’m trying to learn how to provide assistance through coaching and teaching more effectively both to an audience and most importantly the individuals who hire services.

I've learned over the years through observation and experience many people are afraid to ask questions even when purchasing products and services at a repair shop bank or the company they work at.

Is this because of the fear of criticism and fear of change that may be adviced?

Every person is progressing through life and this business from a different starting point and pace. Each person is unique, and the customized help needed can be a little difficult to put into words for me.

In the book Mentoring 101 from John Maxwell they share from experience that in average only about 10% of people who are mentors and mentees match up and make the effective progress that is the original goal. Perhaps the goals each of the people have different goals Abdul don't even know it?

For me personal experience over 20 years of mentoring and volunteering leadership I’d guesstimate the people I've matchued effectively to be about 20% very effective, 40-50% partially effective and 30% of people can not work together as a team.

The overwhelming thing I observe is people are looking for someone to agree with the decisions they have made or what they want to do and even looking for someone they can argue with. After all who want to hear criticism?

Time is the most effective tool you both have available.

How can this be overcome? I’ve learned that have an extended conversation, with an open agenda to be most effective. And normally yo really get a person to relax and take down the walls blocking openness begins when we reach more or less 30-45 minutes.

Yet when I’ve been able to nudge an individual to this point and establish the mutual trust needed. We both leave the conversion knowing both instinctively and openly express progress was made in addressing what need addressed.

This happened just yesterday when a client called then before the 2 hour conversation was over we had myself, 2 clients and another experienced truck business owner I know and trust greatly. Bill Ater, from Arlington TX.

All in an informal conference call discussing the evolution of the problems so to speak.

Who trusts a stranger more than an associate?

Question, why do people seem to place more value often on a complete stranger’s advice?

Who remembers our truck stop counter’s of knowledge? Boy, the stories that we shared!

So, if you want help. 1st be open to accepting help as the first step.

How can I help you?


Coach Gary B

(FYI, I'm pictured here with my dear friend Steve Duffley, where we volunteering with 8 Days of Hope)

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