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Who owns who?

Good morning guest ☕️

This mornings question is who owns who?

Do you really feel like you own the truck/your business? Or do you fall into that funk where it simply seems the truck owns you?

You are struggling to corral your numbers. You know your truck payment and you think about the gross miles and gross settlement.

These are likely your biggest numbers, these are the numbers that feed drivers bragging rights.

And here in the mist of a common cycle of rate adjustments pushed by supply and demand. I see owners just trying to make the payments. The pay or money that can be sent home is very scarce or nearly none existent.

If you seem to be in this situation? What can you do?

  1. Write a plan

  2. Have Realistic Goals

  3. Write down your current cash flow needs by the day due

  4. Write down • your fixed cost per day • personal pay need each per day • your variable cost per mile.

  5. Don't pick loads only based on the gross payment or the rate per mile.

  6. Profit is what you need

Do you have record system that will show you this information? Or are you guessing?

Take back ownership, help is available but again you have to act like the owner. A year from now what will be different if you continue as you are?

Feeling owned by the truck?


Gary B

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