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Yep, I got weeds and thankful I have a hoe.

Morning thoughts Friday, May 26th ☕️☕️

Getting down in the weeds, yep I got weeds, in my life and work. I always have and always will.

I’m talking about the things in our life, our work and this business we claim ownership of. What seem be only our own problem that just never seen to go away. A problem we know about that's just waiting to spring forth at the time of its choosing. Influenced possibly by actions of our own choosing.

After yesterdays show with KC Phillips and so many wonderful callers I continued thinking about the people and their concerns.

Some of the People who called I hear looking for ways to remove some of the weeds in their work and business.

When looking out across the landscape of the trucking business it’s so obvious that for decades too many issues have only received lip service, and like many others I ask myself why?

Many of these underlying problem weeds that have been continuing to reseed the truck business and driving environment are so visible that not eliminating these weeds makes no sense. So, Around and round we continue to go.

Wearing down the very people who are the ones caught in the middle often honestly just trying to hold their lives together and provide for a families needs.

But to me it seems too many in our industry leadership have the opinion that the weeds are not the problem, but a way to help maintain control over the “good seed” that “better person” who has the independant spirit and critical skills to make decisions on their own.

Decisions that help solve or prevent a problem when no supervisor, Law Enforcment or others are present too relieve the truck driver/owner of the responsibility of the outcome. Or praise the person who does the work and provides the needed services day after day without incident, but let a “weed” invade and there’ll be hell to pay and boy will the threats be spoken.

Out in the field honestly very few people other than the person on site can judge what actions need to be taken in realtime. So, what does this the truck driving work and small business ownership do from here? Today May 26th 2023, is there any hope for improvment any real answers that a driver or owner operator could implement to help control at least some of the “weeds?”

I say yes and suggest 1st learn the available tools that “good seed” that’s buried below the surface waiting to sprout if only you water it and help by learning and developing the confidence and courage to use rules and your right to refuse putting yourselves at risk. No one can anticipate your needs you have to speak up and ask for help to get the “weeds” under control.

What’s on your mind in the morning. That’s a good indicator perhaps of what you may want to tackle today. 🤔



Just thinking outloud somedays feel good Honor those who sacrificed their lives so you have the oppertunity to complain.

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